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I am very passionate about working with individuals struggling with disordered eating and eating disorders. Every client’s journey is different and I strive to meet each client where they are on their path. If you’d like to know more about eating disorder treatment and what it’s like to work with me from my clients please read below.


I cannot begin to describe the wonderful impact Allison Shudnow has had on me, but I’m going to try. I had battled an eating disorder for years. But, when I started meeting with Allison, I made huge strides on my road to recovery. She has been an instrumental role in not only my recovery journey, but my life as a whole. Allison is extremely knowledgeable and understanding. She is the perfect person to have alongside you on your road to recovery. I would not be at the healthy place I am today (mind, body, and spirit) if it wasn’t for her. I am eternally grateful for her nutrition counseling, guidance, patience, knowledge, kindness, and thoughtfulness over the years. I highly recommend Allison to anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating. She is absolutely phenomenal and will make a great part of your treatment team. 

- Elizabeth S

I have worked with Allison for about two years and she has helped me more than I could ever explain in that time. She is incredible at what she does. She always helps me feel as comfortable as possible and she helps me take baby steps and challenge myself to foods and food situations I never thought I could handle doing again. She makes working on my eating feel less like work and more like an exciting challenge. Allison has definitely gone very out of her way to help me in multiple ways and is really understanding; she even ate McDonald’s with me to help me challenge my fear! I know there is no way I could have ever gotten as far as I have without her.

- Erica C

Allison became an integral part of my treatment team when I hit rock bottom in my eating disorder, and in the two years since then, her firm yet compassionate role in my recovery has made a world of difference in the way I approach food, and life. I’ve learned so much from her, not only about concrete facts like my dietary needs and portion sizes, but also about flexibility, something that I’m still practicing.

Allison has an exceptional level of nutritional knowledge, and her daily experience in the special needs of those with eating disorders sets her apart as a dietitian. She has helped me challenge many of the distorted beliefs and disordered behaviors that had previously been the miserable focus of every waking moment of my life. I have never felt like “just a client” to her, and know that she cares about the health and happiness of everyone she works with; this has given me a level of trust in her that has helped me to challenge the eating disorder voice in my head. I can’t imagine working with anyone else and will always recommend her to anyone struggling with an eating disorder.”

- Larysa F

I believe meeting with Allison for nutritional counseling has played a significant role in helping me make changes in my eating behaviors. With these changes, I feel better about myself and my abilities. Allison provides sound information that is not based on the latest nutrition fads. She has taught me that there are no “bad foods.” The meal plan I use to guide my food choices is flexible and encourages variety that includes all foods that I find helpful whether at work or going out socially. We set short and long-term goals together that are based on my current needs and my progress in meeting previous goals. Allison remains supportive even when I struggle. Nutritional information can be accessed anywhere. However, working with Allison provides me with the caring support I need to use nutrition in a way in which helps me succeed. Thank you Allison!

- Erika S

I have worked with Allison as my dietitian on four separate occasions (I have been in the Partial Hospitalization Program for Eating Disorders at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital multiple times). From the very first time we met, I found something out: Allison is a tough cookie. She truly wants her patients to WANT their recoveries, so she challenges us to set our goals high and to envision how great recovery will be.

In my case, I had a lot of crazy beliefs surrounding food and weight and the size I should be and she really worked with me through all of them. She was one busy lady, handling all of the eating disorder patients, but she also never turned us away when we came to her in distress.

There’s sort of a secret “language” of eating disorders, and she knows all of the vocabulary, so I couldn’t put anything past her. I would say that in the 22 years I’ve fought anorexia, Allison is among the very best I have ever worked with. Fortunately now I am able to continue meeting with her even after I finished the program and she keeps me on my toes! Allison is the perfect combination of compassion and toughness, because she knows that’s what it takes to break through that eating disorder mindset and get to recovery. I highly recommend her.

- Amy R

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